No one lifts more than powerlifters, so those big belts you see them wear must help fend off back injury right?

Well umm no actually, it has been found that these belts can actually increase, that’s right increase back injury.

‘But I lift heavy objects at my work not in the gym, surely that helps’ ….. no again, it has been found they have little to no preventative use in the work place.

The way they really work is they provide a sensory input and make you feel more secure and stable. This encourages the idea that your back needs to be stabilised, backs are actually sturdy and non-fragile and need no help in being stabilised.

You can now go and leave your back belts at home or in the shop!

If you have any back pain or just aches and niggles, give me a call and book in today to help you get back on track to being Fully Fit!

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