What is Lower Back Pain

Lower Back pain can be very common and happen to almost anyone in their lifetime.

The pain might range from a dull ache in the centre of your lower back, right through to stabbing or sharp shooting pain where it can be even hard to stand up straight.

Back pain can be acute or chronic meaning it can come on very quickly and then subside or it can slowly come on over time and last for 3+ months. Either way Fully Fit Therapy will be able to help with your lower back pain


Seek your doctor or accident and emergency if you have back pain after a fall or injury. It is also important if you have back pain with bowel or bladder control issues, leg weakness or pain when coughing or urinating.


Before any lower back pain treatment can occur, you will need to be assessed and a history taken.

The assessment will cover your medical history, what aggravates your back pain, what eases it, what medication you take and many more questions along with a mobility and muscle testing assessment.

This helps to build up a picture of what could be the exact cause of you lower back pain.


Once the assessment is done, lower back pain can be treated by Rob at Fully Fit Therapy using a number of different methods together.

1. Spinal manipulations can be used to help treat lower back pain when a specific vertebrae is causing an issue.

2. Muscles around your lower back might be also contributing to your lower back pain, therefore massage can be used to help ease your back pain off.

3. Medical acupuncture Rob can also use to help give pain relief for chronic lower back pain.

4. It is not just hands on treatment that can be used to help your Lower back pain. Exercises are also prescribed to help further reduce your symptoms. This can then get you back doing what you love.

Can I Book a Session?

You most certainly can. Rob can come to you if you live in and around Newent, Gloucester, Cheltenham, Tewkesbury or the Forest of Dean. 

Or if you would prefer to get out of your own home for a session, you can come for your own Massage/Treatment session at the Old Barn, Upleadon, Newent, GL18 1ED

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