Fully Fit was created by Rob due to his love of helping people, his interest in the anatomy and his passion for being the best version of yourself

One of the core values that Fully Fit is built around is ‘helping’

Helping you recover from an injury using massage, mobilisations and other techniques to get you pain free
Helping guide you through the rehabilitation process with exercises and support
Helping you keep going when life gets tough
Helping inspire you to be the best version of yourself

Family is another core value of Fully Fit

Rob gives the same professional advice, attention and care as if you were his family

The clients are always first

Rob is here for you, that’s why you’re his number one priority. He always wants to make sure all your needs are not only MET but surpassed. He will travel to you to do his massage and injury treatment in Gloucester, Cheltenham, Tewkesbury, Newent and surrounding areas


This is another core value where Rob always pushing to learn more and develop himself to in turn pass this onto you to help get you Fully Fit faster and better. He does this by furthering his knowledge on new treatments for massage and manipulations by doing continued professional development


Integrity is steadfast adherence to high ethical principles or professional standards; truthfulness, fairness, doing
what you say you will do, and “speaking forth” about why you do what you do.