Swedish Massage is one of the most widely known and popular type of Massage in the world. It can be delivered in a relaxing slow form with light of deep techniques.

The number one goal for this type of massage is to relax both the entire body and mind by relaxing the nervous system through sustained rhythmical strokes.

Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage

Why Fully Fit Therapy?

Getting your Swedish Massage from a Sport Therapist ensures you are in the best possible hands.

As a Bsc Hons Sport Therapist Rob has an indepth knowledge of biomechanics and tissue physiology and has provided treatment to range of clients from teenagers through to 65+ and semi professional and professional athletes .

You're never to young or old to experience the benefits of treatment.

What Does Fully Fit Therapy Treat?

Rob can treat injuries and pains from head to toe, Swedish massage is a great technique for lower back pain and neck pain from working from home or the office, through to tension headaches,  tight shoulders and hamstrings! as well as much more.

Where does Fully Fit Therapy cover?

If you want a Swedish Massage in Gloucester, Cheltenham, Tewkesbury, Ross-On-Wye, the Forest of Dean and surrounding areas Rob will come to you.

If you're still unsure that Rob could make it to you. Click on the FAQ page, this will show you a detailed map of the area.

What Clients say

Swedish Masage review

K. Newman

Horse Rider

Been using Rob for a few weeks now and I can not believe how improved my back and shoulders are. I initially contacted Rob after a fall from my horse which led to me injuring my neck and ribs. Rob sorted my neck out in the first session and my ribs in the second. Highly recommend Rob.


Initial Consultation

Simple, fast and effective



  • Medical History
  • Assessment
  • Swedish Massage
  • Exercise Plan
30 minute follow up

Condensed premium treatment



  • Reassessment
  • Swedish Massage
  • Exercise Plan