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Customer Testimonials:

​​Been using Rob for a few weeks now and I can not believe how improved my back and shoulders are. I initially contacted Rob after a fall from my horse which led to me injuring my neck and ribs. Rob sorted my neck out in the first session and my ribs in the second. Highly recommend Rob.

​K. Newman

​Rob is very understanding and listens to what you have to say and then explores the issues you have before jumping to conclusions. Huge respect for that!

Not only is Rob fantastic, he comes to your home which is hugely ideal! I won't be going elsewhere!

​A. Simmons

​Frequently Asked Questions

​1. Where are you based?

Answer: I'm mobile and can come to you! so no need to waste time coming to me, get treated in the comfort of your own home

2. What clothing should I wear?

Answer: Loose fitting, comfortable clothing that will enable to move and bend comfortably without any restrictions

​3. Can you always help me?

Answer: In the rare occasion I cant, I'll refund you for the initial assessment and also hand you over to another healthcare professional who i feel will be a better fir for yourself

​4. How do I pay?

​Answer: On the day with cash, Bank transfer or I even have a card machine that takes everything including apple pay 

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