Now with the London Marathon withing Touching distance here is part 2 of my top tips for running a marathon....


Think Laps in laps, Not Miles

Instead of obsessing about each one of the 26 miles, look at each three mile segment as a lap, this makes it more manageable mentally. To concentrate on every mile would be like paying attention to the speedometer for a 3 hour drive.


Drink Early & Often

 Take sports drink at the first aid station and every one after. Taking in carbohydrates and fluid early will help postpone or prevent serious dehydration or carbohydrate depletion later, so you’ll be a lot more likely to be able to keep at your desired pace.

During prolonged exercise, our thirst mechanism isn’t able to keep up with our actual needs. Then, as you become dehydrated, less oxygen ​ is delivered to working muscles, causing you to run slower!

13. Push Later On

No matter how much you’re itching to go and set off quick, keep things under control until well past the halfway mark of the race

​Once past this mark, you can aim to increase your pace. If you feel relatively good at 18 miles, you’re down to eight miles to go, so if you’re still fresh, you can approach it mentally like a shorter race.

14. Enjoy it!!

Why do we do most things in life?? because we enjoy it!  + you have made a great donation to your chosen charity!

Soak up the atmosphere and your surroundings before the race, during it with the crowds and at the end.​

So there you go, my top tips for running a marathon (primarily the London Marathon)

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Enjoy the race!​