​With the London Marathon fast approaching I thought it was only right to give out my tops tips for helping get your best time possible!

You don't have to follow all of my tips but maybe just implement 1 or 2 into the last few weeks of your training routine.

​1. If possible, start doing runs on the same topography as the marathon. For example, go up and down lots of hills if you’re running New York City.

As this is all about the London Marathon, this is a flat and fast course. Therefore you want to run on flat routes in the lead up to as you’ll be using the same muscles for the whole race.

​2.Drink on the Run

Practice during your remaining long and semi-long runs with the sports drink and energy gels you intend to refuel with during the race

If you are a serious racer and or have picky stomachs you should be using the sports drink that will be available on the race course. You also want to find out how often your marathon will have aid stations, and practice drinking at that rate.

If you don’t run with fluids, place bottles along your training route.

​3. Dress the part (all the gear but a good idea)

Don’t run in a cotton t-shirt, you’ll prefer it and perform so much better in a running top!

A couple of weeks before, you want to go for a run in it to make sure it does not irritate your skin!

​4. Clockwork

If you can, run at the same time of day as the start of your marathon. This way, your body’s rhythms–including the all-important bathroom routine– will be in sync with your marathon needs come race day. The more often you can do this, the better, but try for at least the last three days before the race!

5. Run a Dress Rehearsal

Four or five days before the marathon, do a two- or three-mile marathon-pace run in your marathon outfit and shoes. Picture yourself on the course running strong and relaxed. Besides boosting your confidence, this run will provide one last little bit of conditioning and will help you lock in to race pace on marathon day.

6. Chill

Reduce the outside stresses in your life as much as possible for the last week of training!

Try to have your work projects under control, politely decline invitations to late nights out with friends and family etc.

 Most of all, put your feet up!

Save museum tours and trips outs for after the marathon, and don’t spend four hours the day before shopping for a post marathon treat to yourself!

7. Set Two Goals

Review your training and set one goal for a good race day, and another as a backup plan in case it’s hot or windy or you’re just not feeling great,”.

 So many things can go wrong in a marathon, from a blister at the half way point or just not feeling great the day of the race.

Therefore you need that secondary goal to stay motivated if things aren’t perfect, which they rarely are.

So that's the first part of my marathon tips!

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