1. Don’t just sit or lie down, it may seem like that’s the best thing for it however it wreaks havoc down the line. Keep moving around to the best of your ability as it will keep your muscles strong and keep you mobile.

2. On the other hand don’t work through the pain. You may think this contradicts my first point… however  if it REALLY hurts, don’t do it, do the movements that are manageable.

​3. Don't do exercises such as shoulder presses, other overhead movements ​and even weighted squats, add an increase of stress to the spine and shouldn’t be done when you have back pain.

​4. Don’t slouch! If you slouch, spend a lot of time sat down at a desk or in the car practice. Sitting up straight and even standing up straight! Really easy, open your shoulders and chest up.

​5. Toe touches – these place a great stress on your disks on ligaments in your back and potentially can worsen your pain.

​6. Don't Jog or run! Both just like toe touches put and increase in stress and strain on your lower back,  potentially increasing pain.

​7. While it is  great to try to manage the pain yourself, the earlier you start treatment, the better your chances are of making a smooth recovery and quickly returning to normal function.

This is due to whilst being in pain you change how you move which means muscles, joints and tendons start performing differently leading to worse pain.

​What To Do Next?

Now you know what not to do, next click the link down below ​to learn 7 great exercises for lower back pain!

These ​Exercise​ will guide you step by step how to become back pain free!

​Download​ the 7 Exercises Now!

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