Due to the shoulder being so mobile the most common issue that causes shoulder pain is the shoulder being instable in different movements.

This instability is usually caused from weak scapular (Shoulder blade) stabilising muscles-

When these muscles are weak this leads to a change in efficiency in how the shoulder moves, causing the pain you are most likely getting.

A quick test for this weakness is to have your top off and get someone to stand behind you. You then lift a light dumb bell (around 4kg) from your side out in front of you to your shoulder height. The person standing behind you then watches your shoulder blade to see if it sticks out as you lower your shoulder down.

If the inside border of your shoulder blade does stick out (called winging) then that is a sign you have weak scapular stabilising muscles.

Below is a list of exercises to strengthen your stabilising muscles, helping you feel much stronger and a lot more stable.

1. Scapular pinches

2. Low row with theraband

3. Cheer leader theraband exercises

4. Bhouler exercises

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