​Have you got your new years resolution fitness resolutions off to a good start and looking to maintain it if not improve it?

​Alternatively are you starting to get a niggle or some aches and pains coming on from starting off so far in 2018?

Or lastly are you struggling with stress from the New Year?

Well you are in luck, I can help with all of the above and more!

Be it rehabilitation and pre-habilitation (think preparing to not get an injury)​ plans and treatment, all individually tailored to you.

If you just want to get rid of stress I can instead tailor a Sports and Swedish massage to you.

Most importantly I will help you set goals that we can track​ together.

Below is a couple of testimonials from clients i've helped... My next testimonial could be from you!


Injury Treatment review

​L. Brymner

​​I had suffered a bad strain from the gym in my upper back trap area and was very immobile and causing me tension headaches. Rob managed to source the problem and relieve some of the soreness and get me on the road to recovery my back and neck were back too 100% within a couple of days and I was back in the gym, could not recommend rob more if you've got any pains or long lasting injuries I'd highly suggest you see Rob! Lewis

​T. Doteva

​I had excruciating neck pain that was going down through my left shoulder to the lower back. In three sessions Rob managed to improve my condition tremendously. In addition, he examined and corrected my posture and recommended exercises to do, so to prevent further injuries. I'm very grateful! Thank you Rob!

To book in with me now and get your initial assessment and follow up with £10 off call me on 07759689612 or email me at [email protected]!

If you're still unsure about booking in with me I now offer free 15 minute consultations over the phone to see if sports therapy is right for you. To arrange one contact me by phone or email and I'll be happy to sort one out for you