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Watch the video above to discover why I decided to create a Squat Mobility Course after spending years focused on ​helping clients in person I decided to put all this knowledge into an online course to help everybody squat better and safer.

Now is your chance to get my brand new course "​The Squat Mobility Workshop" ​for just £99

​"Squat System"

​Learn the step by step process as to what makes up your squat, the key drills to work out the areas you need to improve on and then an array of exercises to ​help you progress.  All in all ​it is a well structured, easy to follow ​system that takes the guessing out of improving

"​Learn exercises you can do that take less than 10 minutes daily to help improve your squat"

​You'll learn how to build daily habits that will snowball over weeks to improve your squat dramatically. Enabling you to squat heavier, lower and safer! 

Don't get lost in a sea of knowledge, this isn't an 'information download course' This is a practical, take action course​. So if you just want information this course really isn't for you​!

Take action ​and start today​​​


​"The Squat Workshop"


​Squat System

​A tried and tested system that is easy to follow, no getting lost and confused with what to do next


​No B*ll Sh*t

​No fluff, just what you need to do and why you need to do it. simple straight talking knowledge


​Long Term Goals

​This course isn't focused on quick exercise wins, it is based on a daily exercise routine that works to improve you squat in the long term


​Facebook Group

​A dedicated group, all  just like you looking to improve their squat as well! get new videos and exercises first and have any questions answered!

Let Me Tell You a Secret About "​Mobility Tips"

Everybody wants to know the latest ​mobility tips, hacks, shortcuts, tools and secrets.

And you know what?

Tips, tricks, hacks and shortcuts are massively overrated.

I bet you've tried countless of them yourself. You've read a lot of articles, you've tried another ​Instagram post or ​mobility app. And it didn't make you more ​mobile or feel like you could squat better.

And that's par for the course - these things are meant to be distracting "bright shiny objects", to begin with.

Have a think for a minute how many of those Instagram videos can you remember the exercise, or how many Top 10 things you can do for XYZ can you recall let alone do??

Increasing your ​mobility, your effectiveness at completing the exercises and your ability to achieve goals - it's not just about what you do. It's about what kind of person you become to be able to do it.

If you want to succeed in ​not just the gym ​but in life, it's not about learning the hottest tips or using the shiniest apps. It's about becoming a focused and ​proactive person that takes mobility and repetition seriously.

In the Workshop you'll learn not only the tools to assess and improve your squat but learn how to build the habits to set aside five minutes here or ten minutes there to do your exercises that will snowball to improving you squat and health!

No more excuses or putting things off any more!

Get instant access to ​The Squat Workshop now!

​Get access to the squat checklist, lifetime access to the squat assessment exercises and mobility drills + inducted into the Facebook Squat Group and start working on your squat today!

​What Clients Are Saying

​Really great videos. Very informative and easy to follow. Simple exercises which can easily be done in a spare couple of minutes at home.

​M. Knibbs

​I ​ decided to go back to Rob about a previous injury that I had never received physio for on my ankle. My ankle mobility has improved massively too and I can now hit good depth on my squat without my heals lifting.

I highly recommend Rob to anyone with any injuries.

Thanks Rob!!

​J. Wilson

Robert's a master at his craft. Having had bad back and shoulder muscle problems from work-related strains, he managed to give me great advice and help them recover from my first session with him. Great communicator and all round nice guy too! Highly recommended.

T. Marriot

​injured adductor and hamstring during the cricket season. Rob got me back on track through massage and a program of stretches. There’s no doubt that Rob accelerated my recovery time considerably and provided sessions to fit in around me which was great. I would definitely recommend

​T. Morley

​What Do I Get?

  • 1
    Lifetime Access to The Squat Workshop​​​​​
  • 2
    Access to the Squat Workshop Facebook Group
  • 3
    ​Continuing Updates To The Course
  • 4
    ​Most Importantly The Fundamentals You Need To Squat!


​The Squat - ​An introduction to the squat, what's involved, the anatomy and common issues and misconceptions with the movements



​Ankle Mobility. ​Find out everything you need to know about the ankle and it's role in the squat. From what​ range of movement you need​ to foot positioning



​Ankle Mobility Exercises. ​ Now you know the movement you need, In chapter 3 I go through the various exercises to go about getting the required strength and mobility.



​​Knees + Hips ​​I run through the position for you knees and hips as you squat. What can cause knee pain and how you fix it. Hip anatomy and how that has a massive effect on your squat and much more



​​Back​- What you do with your back and core, exercises for bracing and the mobility you need



​Building Successful Habits​ - My framework for building habits daily to help you find the time to fit my squat system into your daily routine​​​

​Rob Manning //  ​Course Producer

​I've helped people in all walks of life recover from injuries, back pains and general niggles. From Great Britain dressage riders, Strong men and Key Note Speakers.

I made the workshop after multiple requests to help more than the people I see in my clinic on a day to day basis!

I chose to work on the squat as it is such a common movement that everyone wants to do, but because it is so complex it can be difficult to master!​

​Rob Manning

​What are you waiting for?

The Best Time to Start ​​improving you squat is Now!

​Like I said earlier, this is a take action course, not an information download course, so you need to take action today to learn the system to squat, heavier, lower and safer and then start implementing to get the results you want and the results you need.

So click below and go get it!​


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You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't think you've improved your squat in 60 days, just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund.

​Rob Manning

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